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Nathalia Melo and Dianna Dahlgren Nude!

….just kidding, GOTCHA! I make me laugh, that’s all that matters. No, seriously, I don’t have naked pictures of bikini pros, sorry.

I check my blog stats every day – what posts get the most traffic, what search terms are bringing me hits…and I literally get about 4 or 5 hits a day AT LEAST from individuals looking for ‘Nathalia Melo Nude” or “Dianna Dahlgren Nude”. No joke! People crack me up…I will let you guys know just how many hits I get from titling this post in such a arresting manner – my apologies to Nathalia and Dianna but a girl’s gotta get traffic! Oh, wait….I should probably turn my twitter function off today – don’t want this post title getting tweeted or I may crash the wordpress servers. Right! Done. Want to see what you’re looking for when you wind up here? Here are today’s search terms:




Tomorrow is another weigh-in with Jeff, and marks TWO WEEKS from showtime! Update tomorrow on progress and the last phase of prep!


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